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Travel Photo Tuesday is a place to share some awesome shots from Instagram that have been shared with the hashtag #maketimetoseetheworld. Each week I feature a great  photo + story combination and at the end of the month I share 10 of the best snaps under the hashtag from that month. Sounds like fun, right?

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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, “man, I need to take that photo”? Well my Travel Photo Tuesday series is here to help! Each week I share an awesome photograph from a fellow travel blogger – and ask them to share  a little about the shot: where it was taken, why it was special and any hidden gems in the area that MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld readers should know about!

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Please join me in welcoming MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld’s featured blogger:

Natalie @ Cosmos Mariners: Destination Unknown

Location: Hohenschwangau Castle, Schwangau, Germany 

What Made it Great: On the day that we’d planned to visit Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau in Bavaria, the weather didn’t cooperate at all. It hovered around freezing all day, and the rain kept coming in waves. It was miserable, but we were determined to see these two incredible castles at any cost. I’d wanted to get a good shot of Hohenschwangau and tried before and after our tour, but the fog was so thick that I couldn’t get what I was hoping for. I gave up and went onto our tour of Neuschwanstein; just as we finished that tour and were heading back to the bus, the fog lifted and I could see Hohenschwangau on the opposite mountain. I got this picture, which turned out to be my favorite from our entire Germany trip. When visiting Schwangau, most people go straight for Neuschwanstein–don’t forget to go to Hohenschwangau, too! It’s where King Ludwig grew up, and a tour of Hohenschwangau gives great perspective on the man who grew up to build nearby Neuschwanstein.

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Travel Photo Tuesday


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